Now, more and more cement companies are beginning to consider “using mine waste rocks on cement production lines to make sand and gravel aggregates to create higher profits.”

However, it is unreasonable for most cement plants to use the concept of cement crushing technology to design aggregate plants.

Different concepts and processes

The concept of crushing in the cement industry is different from that of high-quality aggregate crushing.

(Dark lines on limestone powder under microscope)

High-quality sand and gravel in the aggregate industry require good grain shape and high strength. Therefore, the aggregate production line is mainly multi-stage crushing, and the finished material requires no edges and corners, less cracks, and maintains high strength of the aggregate to achieve better aggregate quality.

In the cement industry, the material crushing process adopts strong crushing, which causes more cracks in the material to facilitate grinding. These cracks are related to the compressive strength and crushing value of the aggregate.

Different processing equipment

Hammer crusher

Different processes are very particular about choosing equipment. The machine principles of cement crushing equipment and aggregate crushing equipment are different, so there is a difference in equipment selection.

Cone crusher

In the process of using ore waste to produce sand and gravel aggregates, the cement industry mostly continues the original process concepts and equipment of cement plants, and uses single-stage crushing and supporting equipment (such as hammer crusher) to process materials.

The production of high-quality aggregates usually consists of multi-stage crushing, such as primary crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, and shaping sand (if sand making is required). Different stages of the process require different equipment, For example, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher will be selected in the middle and fine crushing stages. The finished aggregate produced in this way not only has high strength, but also the grain shape is more in line with relevant national standards.

Therefore, it is unreasonable for most cement plants to use the concept of cement crushing technology to design aggregate plants.

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