Impact crusher

The impact crusher is a highly efficient coarse, medium and fine crusher for medium-hard and softer rocks. Whether in a quarry, mining or Construction waste recycling, the impact crusher can efficiently crush the stone, so that the particle shape, particle size distribution and cleanliness are in line with the strict standards of concrete and asphalt aggregate. Impact crushing equipment not only achieves first-class product quality but also a remarkable throughput.

Advantages of impact crusher

  • High efficiency and large crushing chamber, high crushing efficiency and larger feed size
  • High-precision heavy-duty rotor has a larger crushing ratio
  • Multifunctional hydraulic operating system is adopted, which is convenient for maintenance and improves equipment operation rate
  • High wear-resistant plate hammer and liner, improve the utilization of wear parts

Impact crusher components

Impact crusher

The impact crusher is mainly composed of frame, rotor, impact frame, main shaft wheel, liner, hydraulic adjustment device, hydraulic starting device, etc.

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Impact crusher working principle

Impact crusher working principle

When the stone falls into the working area of the blow bar (hammer), it is crushed by the impact of the blow bar on the high-speed rotating rotor, and is thrown to the apron for a second impact, and rebounds until the rotating blow bar (hammer) is hit again. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the required size and discharged from the machine outlet.

Controlling the gap between the apron and the rotor can change the particle size and shape of the material. The smaller the gap, the finer the gradation.

Controlling the speed of the rotor can change the particle size of the material. The higher the speed, the finer the output.

Types of impact crusher

Common impact crushers include PF, PFW, CI5X, etc., which are designed to provide the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost.

CI5X impact crusher

Impact crusher

Aiming at the problems of the previous generation of impact crushers in terms of crushing efficiency and processing capacity, the CI5X impact crusher optimizes the crushing cavity type, rotor speed and power curve, improves the crushing efficiency and crushing ratio, and makes the finished product The aggregate shape is further optimized, and the gradation curve is more reasonable.

The comprehensive processing capacity of the equipment is increased by more than 15% compared with the previous generation products, which can meet the requirements of high-grade concrete for the preparation of aggregates.


  • Efficient crushing cavity, higher crushing efficiency
  • Multifunctional hydraulic operating system, easy maintenance
  • High-strength counter frame
  • Heavy-duty rotor

PFW impact crusher

Impact crusher PF

PFW impact crusher is a new type of high-performance hydraulic crusher developed with internationally advanced impact crusher technology. It is very suitable for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various soft and medium-hard minerals and rocks.


  • Integral cast steel structure bearing seat
  • Heavy-duty rotor design
  • The two cavity types meet the crushing requirements of most coarse, medium and fine crushing operations.
  • Reliable wedge fixing method

PF impact crusher

PF impact crusher adopts traditional impact crushing technology. After years of design optimization, it has more excellent performance and reliable use. It is the most common medium-hard and soft material fine crushing equipment.

The PF impact crushing cavity and rotor have been optimized in design, and the production capacity and finished product particle size have been improved compared with traditional impact crushing. The counterattack frame and rotor are mechanically adjusted, which is simple and reliable.


  • Using high wear-resistant material board hammer, longer service life
  • The top mechanical adjustment device is designed to easily adjust the discharge size

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