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Hammer crusher is a common stone crushing equipment in quarry and cement industry. In this article, I will introduce hammer crusher details.

What is a hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is used for fine grinding of medium-hard and soft rock materials, such as gypsum, coal, petroleum coke, clay, shale and limestone. It is widely used in quarries, mines, coal and cement industries.

Hammer crusher capacity

Generally, the processing capacity of the hammer crusher ranges from 1-3t/h to 20-75 t/h.

We have designed and manufactured a heavy-duty hammer crusher to meet special application requirements. It can crush various medium-hard (compressive strength <100Mpa, moisture content <15%) and weakly abrasive raw materials, and the largest feed size It is 1600 mm and the processing capacity can reach 1000t/h.

Advantages of hammer crusher

The biggest advantage of the hammer crusher is its high crushing rate. And it has strong production capacity, low energy consumption, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

As China’s leading hammer crusher manufacturer, we produce reliable and cost-effective crushers.

Hammer crusher working principle

The hammer crusher has 3 stages to process the feed: impact, shear and attrition.

The material enters the crushing cavity from the inlet, and contacts the group of hammers (chromium-manganese alloy) on the rotor. The hammers are fixed on the horizontal shaft (rotor) rotating at high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force and inertial force, the hammer impacts the material for primary crushing. At the same time, the material undergoes secondary crushing between the breaker plates and the impact hammer and between the hammer and the outlet grille.

The materials that meet the requirements are discharged by the metal screen or bar grates covering the discharge port of the hammer mill, while the coarse materials remain in the crushing chamber and continue to be crushed until the finished product size requirements are reached.

The number and size of hammers, screens and grids are the key factors that determine the consistency of the finished product size.

Types of hammer crusher

There are many types of hammer crushers:

  • According to the number of rotors, it can be divided into single-rotor and double rotor hammer crusher.
  • According to the direction of rotor rotation, it can be divided into directional and reversible hammer crusher.
  • According to the type of hammer movement, it can be divided into fixed and movable hammers.
  • According to the application, it can be divided into hammer crusher in cement plant, limestone hammer crusher and hammer crusher for coal, etc.

Hammer crusher components and parts

Generally, the components of a hammer crusher include rotor, frame, impact hammer, screen, grate, liner, motor, flywheel, overload protection device and dust seal.

Contact us for more information about the price, design, installation, feed size and use of the hammer crusher.

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