Cone crusher

The cone crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing and tertiary crushing in aggregate crushing of mines and quarries. Because of its strong crushing capacity and large output, it is more used for the crushing of medium-hard materials. The cutting-edge crusher technology has higher crushing efficiency and more convenient operation.

Cone Crusher Advantages

  • Laminated crushing, high crushing efficiency, good shape of the discharged material.
  • Medium and fine crushing cavity type, easy to switch, multi-purpose in one machine.
  • Using a multi-functional hydraulic operating system, easy maintenance, improve equipment operation rate.
  • No packing required for installation of liner, low replacement cost.

Cone Crusher Parts And Assembly

The components of a cone crusher are composed of frame, drive shaft, gear, main shaft, vertebral body, cone crushing liner, shrinking cylinder, belt pulley and other devices.

For more information about cone crusher liners and wear parts such as mantle liners and bowl liners, please click.

How a cone crusher works

How A Cone Crusher Works

The moving cone of the cone crusher performs a swing motion under the action of the eccentric sleeve. The material is continuously squeezed, impacted and broken in the crushing cavity formed by the bowl liner and the mantle liner, and falls from the mantle swing gap that meets the discharge requirements. The remaining materials continue to be crushed until they meet the requirements.

Cone Crusher Types

Cone crushers include HPT, HST and other series, which are designed to provide the highest productivity at the lowest operating cost.

HPT Series Cone Crusher

HPT series cone crusher

HPT cone crusher is a new generation of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher developed by years of research and development experience combined with actual field experience. The structure of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is optimized, which significantly improves the use performance and crushing capacity of the equipment, and the supporting design of the hydraulic lubrication system ensures that the equipment operates more intelligently and reliably.


  • Optimize the structure to achieve high installed power, small size, high efficiency and low noise.
  • Multifunctional hydraulic control, reducing downtime.
  • Good shape of laminated crushed material.

HPT Cone Crusher Specifications

Feed opening (mm)140/100/70/50/20185/125/95/75230/210/150/105/80330/290/210/135/95350/299/265/220/150
Minimum discharging size (mm)19/13/9/9/619/16/13/1025/19/16/13/1038/30/22/16/1338/32/25/16/13
Capacities (t/h)45-14090-250110-380220-790310-1050
Maximum installed power (kw)90160250400630
Overall dimension (mm)1075*1510*18532135*1750*19272725*2110*28712800*3480*40503970*3345*4235

HST Series Cone Crusher

HST cone crusher

HST single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used in the medium, fine and ultra-fine crushing operations of metal and non-metallic minerals, quarries and other industries. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, and excellent size of crushed products.


  • A variety of cavity types can adapt to a variety of process requirements.
  • Easy to maintain and low operating cost.
  • Fully automatic control of the production process.
  • High production efficiency and strong carrying capacity.

HST Cone Crusher Specifications

ModelCavitiesFeed opening (mm)Minimum discharging size (mm)Capacities (t/h)Power (kw)

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