The vibrating pan feeder is a self-synchronizing vibrating feeder that uses a vibrating motor as the excitation source, and is designed for high-capacity feeding.

It can uniformly and continuously convey the block and granular materials in the container (silo or hopper) to the secondary or tertiary crushing equipment or conveyor. It is suitable for industries such as sand and gravel aggregates, metal mines, coal and chemical industries.

This vibrating pan feeder has two types: suspended type and vertical type. Inertial drives can adjust the feeding amount steplessly. Can also be configured with frequency converter rate converter.

Feeding size: 0-500 mm
Capacity: 0-850 t/h
Applicable materials: granite, marble, basalt, limestone, river pebble, copper ore, iron ore, coal, etc.

Pan feeder assembly

The basic components of this pan feeder are the feed box and the vibrating motor. The suspended feeder also includes a suspension device, and the vertical feeder also includes a spring seat and a spring. The feeding box is mainly composed of feeding trough, connecting plate, motor seat, etc.


  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Act as sealing elements of the container
(Pan Feeders)

Pan feeder working principle

When the motor rotates, the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor generate exciting force, and the drive equipment makes reciprocating linear vibration according to the inclination direction of the feeding trough body, so that the material in the feeding trough is thrown forward for jumping motion to achieve the feeding purpose.

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