PE series jaw crusher

Bearing Housing

2-piece frame bearing housing system causes great vibration; great vibration produces increasing heat. Too much heat (over 60 °C) will harm bearing.

Cavity of jaw crusher


With the traditional type cavity, PE’s practical feeding size is smaller than
the theatrical one, which means the capacity is smaller than the expected one.

Setting adjustment system

Shim adjustment system: when adjusting the discharge setting, workers have to shut down machines and add shims, which is timeconsuming; shims are in lowerposition and always covered by dusts on production site, which is inconvenient.

PEW series jaw crusher

Bearing Housing

Single bearing housings design reduces vibration efficiently. Less heat is produced. In other words, bearings are protected. So the performance of jaw crusher is much stable.


The “V” type cavity ensures that the practical feeding size is consistent with theatrical one, so feeding size is bigger; Besides, “V” type cavity enlarges the crushing area and crushing efficiency is higher.

Setting adjustment system

Wedge setting adjustment system: workers can adjust the discharge setting by tightening or unscrewing the screws when the machines run idle; the screws are in highposition and will not be covered by dusts, which is quite safe, simple and convenient.


  • PEW jaw crusher bearing housing adopt integrated cast steel structure, it is a whole part, maks the crushing frame more strong, the bearing housing of PE jaw crusher is two parts.
  • The shape of the crushing cavity is “V” type, that means it can feed bigger stone.
  • It adopts centralization lubrication system, you do not need to lubricate the machine from a different part, just need from one place, makes the lubrication more convenient.
  • Compared with same specification Jaw crusher, it equips with greater and more durable eccentric shaft bearings, extend the service life of the bearing.
  • Wedge adjustment devices, when you need to adjust the discharge opening, you can use hydraulic system, which is simper, safer and faster than former gasket device, you need to put and take out gasket with manpower to adjust the discharge opening, it is very complex. And its wedge setting adjustment system can let you adjust the discharge opening when the jaw crusher is empty running.

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