dust collector for quarry
(The quarry dust collector being installed)

The Rayco quarry dust collector integrates the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, with good sealing, easy to replace the dust filter bag, and the dust removal effect is greater than 99.9%.

The structure of the bag filter of Rayco quarry is designed according to the flow pattern of the cyclone dust collector. The large particles of dust are separated first, and the fine dust is filtered by the dust bag. When the resistance of the dust collector reaches the set value (or set time), the blower will be reversed. Start, the high-pressure air blown by the high-pressure fan periodically sprays back-blowing airflow to the dust filter bag from top to bottom through the rotating nozzle, forcing the dust filter bag to expand, vibrate, shake off the dust on the filter bag, and improve The life of the dust bag can ensure the dust removal effect.

Features of dust collector for quarry

The body structure is compact and the layout is reasonable. Compared with other dust collectors that handle the same air volume, the Rayco quarry dust collector has a small area and a large filtering area.

Few moving parts, good sealing performance, separate chamber cleaning, continuous work. Separate room blow back and clean dust, the effect is remarkable.

The filter bag has a special structure, good corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. It is easy to maintain and manage by changing the bag in different rooms.

It can be controlled automatically and manually, and the operation is simple and reliable.

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