Suspended Magnetic Separator

We design and manufacture suspended magnetic separators for the application of mineral beneficiation, quarrying, grinding, non-ferrous metal recycling and other applications to extract impurity metals and protect downstream processing equipment. Can provide permanent magnet and electromagnetic design, self-cleaning or manual cleaning function can be selected. The equipment has high strength, long service life, easy installation and use, and no maintenance.

Our magnetic separator includes:

Conveyor suspended plate magnets

Suspended plate magnets

Suspended plate magnets, also called plate separators, are designed for chute and suspended on belt conveyors, with different sizes and strengths to maximize your production. It can thoroughly detect and effectively remove 0.1KG-30KG iron-containing impurities in bulk materials. It is widely used in crushers, screens and conveyors. Provide permanent magnet and electromagnetic design.

Permanent magnetic floating plate magnets can provide dual bi-polar and tri-polar Tri-Polar designs, no power supply, simple and easy to use.
Electromagnetic suspension plate magnets can provide air-cooled and oil-cooled designs.

Suspended belt magnets

Suspended belt magnets

Suspended belt magnets are usually installed in 2 different positions, cross-belt (perpendicular to the product flow) and in-line (parallel above the product flow).

Cross-belt magnetic separators

Cross-belt magnetic separators, also known as overhead magnetic separators, are usually suspended above the conveyor belt. They have strong magnetism and can absorb iron impurities in the conveyed materials. The motor drives the magnetic conveyor belt to run continuously, which can discharge the impurity metal on the surface of the magnet into the side chute of the conveyor belt.

In-line magnetic separator

The in-line magnetic separator is very similar to the cross belt. The difference is that the separator runs in parallel with the conveyed material, and the adsorbed impurity iron is discharged at the end of the conveyor.

Magnetic drum separators

Magnetic drum separators

Magnetic Drum Separators are specifically designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. The bulk material enters the top of the Magnetic Drum Separators and flows across the surface of the Drum. All bulk materials that are not affected by the magnet will fall freely from the drum into the clean material flow. The impurity iron is attracted to the surface of the drum by the magnetic field, and the impurity iron is safely transported to another area through the rotating drum to achieve high-efficiency self-cleaning.

Magnetic head pulley

Magnetic head pulley

Magnetic Head Pulley has a high-strength permanent magnet separation function, which provides continuous self-cleaning for the products conveyed by the belt. It can be used to replace the existing head pulleys. When the bulk material conveyed by the belt passes through the magnetic head pulley, any impurity iron mixed in the bulk material will be attracted and held on the surface of the belt, and then brought to the pulley in the underside. After the impurity iron leaves the magnetic field, it is released and discharged into the chute or silo.

Our magnetic head pulley is available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″, 15″, 16″ and 18″ standard diameters.

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