Artificial Sand

The complete sand production system can produce manufactured sand for high-performance concrete. It must have the following five indicators:

1, The shape of the particles should be good, preferably in the shape of a polygonal cube, and the content of flake particles should be less than 10%. The loose bulk density is not less than 1480 kg/m3, the void ratio is not more than 43%, and the crush value is less than or equal to 20%.

2, Reasonable gradation.

3, The fineness modulus must be adjustable from 2.3 to 3.2.

4, The content of stone powder must be 3%-10% controllable.

5, In terms of water content, the ready-mixed concrete should be controlled within 3%-5% to make it reach the saturated surface dry state, and the dry-mixed mortar must be controlled below 0.5%.

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