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The main spare parts in vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) are feeder hopper, raw material screen, crushing cavity, impeller, bearing, transmission shaft and so on. Among them, transmission shaft and bearing mainly transport power, impeller and crushing cavity are the main parts to process raw material. Each part plays its own role in the vertical shaft impact crusher. In this article, we focus on the introduction of spare parts in VSI crusher.

Sand Making Machine Spare Parts

Feeder Hopper
The feeder hopper of the vertical shaft impact crusher is a round cylinder. It has excellent abrasive resistance. And there is a wearing ring installed in the feeder hopper to avoid strong friction between raw material and hopper. Feeder hopper is a very important transition device to transport raw material to sand making machine.

Raw Material Screen
Raw material screen is the equipment to screen the raw materials after crushing in a sand making machine. Raw materials with required sizes will be discharged out of the vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) while others will be sent back to the crushing cavity by screen for re-crushing.

The impeller of the sand making machine is made by special material, and it is installed on both sides of the bearing. During the production process, high rotating speed impeller shots the raw materials into each part evenly. In this process, the strong impact force will cause the crushing of raw materials.

Bearing And Transmission Device
Bearing is a kind of transmission device works through the effect of motor and belt. Bearing device is mainly formed by main shaft, bearing and bearing seat.

Lubricating System
The main lubricating part in the vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) is bearing. Generally, the lubricating of the bearing should adopt a particular oil pump.

Vortex Crushing Cavity
The structure form of the vortex crushing cavity is generally an annular space composed of upper and lower cylinders. The impeller rotates at high speed in the vortex crushing cavity, and the material can also stay in the vortex fracture cavity to form a material lining layer. The crushing process of the material mainly occurs in the vortex crushing cavity.

The Base
The base is usually mounted on the bracket or directly on the foundation. Vortex crushing cavity, spindle assembly, motor, transmission device are installed on the base. The center of the base is a four-prism space, and the center of the four-prism space is used to install the spindle assembly, the two sides of the discharge channel, the motor is located in the longitudinal part of the base.

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