Sand screw plant is a common high-efficiency sand washing equipment, usually the last process of the sand production line. It uses a screw device to wash, stir and separate the gravel and crushed stone to remove soil and other impurities in the stone. The spiral sand washing machine is usually placed in series with the dewatering screen.

Sand screw is suitable for washing and screening coarse and fine aggregates in quarries, building materials, water and electricity industries. The sealed structure, fully enclosed transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate improve the cleaning and dehydration effect of the equipment. 

Feeding size: ≤30mm
Processing capacity: 30-240t/h
Application: natural sand, machine-made sand, artificial sand, iron ore powder and other materials.
Applicable production lines: spiral sand washing system, river pebble sand making, granite splitting sand making, limestone sand making, basalt crushing sand making.

Types of sand screw plant

Spiral sand washing machines are usually divided into single spiral and double spiral. Generally, the sand washing efficiency of the double spiral sand washing machine is higher.

How does a sand screw work

The sand screw is usually arranged at an inclination of 15°. The bottom of the water tank is surrounded by weirs, forming a sedimentation tank. When sand or other fine materials are guided to the feed box in the baffle. The materials are fully mixed with water and separated from soil or other impurities. The heavier materials settle at the bottom of the box and are transported toward the discharge end with a slope of 15 degrees.

Driven by the screw, the sand is continuously tumbling and cleaning, and at the same time fine powder and some light substances are released into the suspension. When the sand is transported towards the discharge end, water and fine particles will separate from the sand and fall to the overflow weir, and the washed sand will be dewatered and enter the belt conveyor.

Why control the screw speed

In most cases, reducing the screw speed can keep the fine solid particles on the screw shaft. It can prevent the fine materials from overflowing the overflow weir with the wastewater, but it should be noted that low screw speed will also reduce the production capacity.

Wheel sand washer vs sand screw plant

The output of the wheel sand washer is slightly lower. For example, the output requirement is not high and the processing of finer aggregates is optional.

Compared with the wheel sand washing machine, the sand screw has high output and strong processing capacity, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, if you have high requirements on the output, you can choose the spiral sand washing machine.

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