Sand And Gravel Aggregate Plant

Project Introduction

Raw material: SiO2≥95% quartz sandstone
Raw material size: ≤1000 mm
Finished product: fine sand and gravel aggregate
Finished product specifications: 0-5 machine-made sand; 10-20 mm; 20-31.5 mm
Design capacity: 400 tons/hour

Equipment List

1Vibrating feeder130
2Jaw crusher1185
3Vibrating feeder42.2*2
4hydraulic cone crusher1220
5hydraulic cone crusher1220
6Vibrating screen230
7Vibrating screen (soil)118.5
8Belt feeder17.5
9Iron remover22.2
10Aggregate optimization system1945

Project Benefits

The project adopts the EPC operation mode
To provide users with a full range of high-quality services.

Advanced equipment and high-end configuration
The main equipment adopts hydraulic control technology and a global procurement model to ensure advanced and reliable products, such as: Siemens motors, Flanders reducers, ABB/Schneider Electric, etc.

Plan optimization
The project adopts domestic advanced and mature process plans, reliable technology and equipment to ensure that the overall production technology and process equipment are at the leading domestic level; adopts two-stage crushing + aggregate optimization system technology, and centralized layout of production line equipment, not only saving It saves the floor space and facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

Energy-saving and environmental protection
The project uses all energy-saving motors, and the unit energy consumption is much lower than the current market conditions. The fully enclosed production process uses pulsed dust collectors with dust emission ≤10 mg/m3, which is far lower than the national standard ≤30 mg/m3.

Tower-type aggregate optimization system
Large capacity of sand and gravel, high crushing efficiency, good quality of finished products, and good environmental performance.

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