Roll Crusher for Sale

The double-roll & toothed crusher can be used as a primary or secondary crusher. It is very suitable for processing wet, viscous materials and hard materials mixed with soil. It is used for crushing limestone, coal, bauxite and other materials.

It has high crushing strength, large processing capacity, finished product size can be adjusted, percentage for over-sizes and over-crushing is less. It can be used for wet material crushing, and it is environmental friendly.

Rayco SSC series of sieving double-roller crusher core parts of the tensile strength of up to 1000 ~ 1200 MPa. The SSC series sieving double toothed roll crusher developed by Rayco uses finite element analysis to calculate the strength and reliability of the main components to meet the high yield crushing requirements above 4500 t/h.

Rayco SSC series of aggregate double-roll crusher will be through the efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and innovative design for customers to bring a unique crushing experience for you.

Roller crusher working principle

The main working components of the crusher are 2 parallel crushing rolls. On each roll a certain number of crushing teeth (tooth plates) is fitted along the roll’s axial direction. The rolls can turn either inward or outward, depending on property of materials to be crushed and working parameters. Crushing of materials is mainly effected under the combined actions of shearing, puncture and cleavage and its working parameters are determined according to strength properties of most rock and minerals like rock, coal, coke, etc.

As the tooth form and arrangement of teeth are specially designed according to actual requirement, the large-sized particles in the material can get fragmented at one pass while the particles with a size smaller than the required size directly pass through crushing chamber without being subjected to secondary crushing. Moreover, the crusher works with a very low speed for reducing the probability of having materials scraped by crushing teeth during crushing process, so as to minimize the content of fine material in product.

The working mechanism as described above can lead to higher treating capacity, reduced over-crushing probability and energy consumption. Owing to the fact that the materials are not subjected to violent impingement and knocking forces, there is less loss of the yield of lumpy pieces in the product. What’s more, the concealed cracks and residual stress in crushed materials are accordingly reduced, decreasing, as a result, the probability of secondary fragmentation during following storage, handling and processing.

Double-toothed roller crushers advantages

Double-roll & toothed crusher

High crushing strength, long life of wearing parts, less maintenance time.
It is different from the traditional tooth roller crusher by impact and squeeze to break the material, but the use of shear and stretch the common role to achieve the material broken. The core components used in high alloy materials, heat treatment, the tensile strength of up to 1000 ~ 1200 MPa. Tooth head with optimized alloy steel, with a strong squeeze, shear effect, can produce hardening and wear resistance.

Big capacity, finished products sizes can be adjusted
Production coverage of 100 t/h – 5000 t/h, the customer can adjust the roll distance to adjust the material size.

Over-sizes and over-crushing is less
Because the material is crushed through the shear and stretching not impacting and squeeze, so you can avoid the maximum degree of over-crushing. The crusher has a certain screening function, so over-sizes is less.

Roll crusher can crush wet and sticky material, it produces less powder and environment friendly

Integral box-type structure
The crushing cavity adopts the integral box-type structure, effectively solvesthe sub-box structure of the bearing positioning is not strong,  jump  shaft  axis  phenomenon,  and realize the seal of the crushing cavity, ensure that the working environment clean.

Smart system
Stalling protection device,automatic control system and automatic lubrication system.

Walking device
A variety of walking structure to choose from: fixed, screw type, hydraulic and electric type of variety of structures to facilitate maintenance of equipment maintenance.

Center distance adjusting device
Finished sizes can be  adjusted, there are three adjustment types: eccentric cup type, screw type and hydraulic type,  it is easy to adjust, reliable positioning, and strictly guarantee the material size.

Rich tooth shape, reasonable structure
There is a variety of tooth structures, live tooth, card sleeve, ring type, tooth plate and the whole roll type, we can provide customers with cost-effective optimal tooth structure according to the working condition. Advanced tooth arrangement, spiral, the double helix, screw and linear arrangement providing high block rate, high crushing efficiency.

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