Heavy-duty rotor

Heavy-duty rotor design

Heavy-duty and superior weight rotor, the weight of rotor of PFW is 1.5-2 times heavier than the traditional rotor. It enhances the impacting strength and enlarge the crushing ratio sharply and also ensure the perfect cubical products shape.

Blow bar

The Blow bar shape is like banana

Make the impacting strength become bigger, so that the service life for wearing parts is longer. The Unique blow bar locking device makes change blow bar become easier and enjoyable. And the blow bar can use 2 times by chance another side.

Material of blow bar: High Chrome steel

The impacting plates are also special designed

Traditional impacting plates are flat plate, our impacting plats’shape like wave, which also enhance the impacting strength and prolong the service life.

Impact crusher

Hydraulic system makes open machinery become easier and enjoyable.

It is very easy to change blow bar and other spare parts. And it is also become so easy to adjust the curtains.

Optional hoist system

It makes installation and maintaining become much easier.

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