What is sieving

Vibrating screen

Bulk materials are sieved through a process in which one or more layers of screen surfaces are divided into different sizes. The screening of materials on the screen of the vibrating screen can be roughly divided into two processes:

The material passes through the material layer and reaches the screen surface to become stratified.

Through the sieve
Materials smaller than the sieve hole size pass through the screen surface to complete the screening process.

The nature of the material

The nature of the solid bulk material can affect the screening effect. These factors are:

  • Water content
  • Mud content
  • Granularity characteristics
  • Density characteristics

Reasons why materials are difficult to screen

In the screening production line, sometimes the material is difficult to screen, this is because:

  • The material has high moisture content.
  • The mud content in the material is too large.
  • The material cannot be sieved by wet method.
  • Irregular material particles or more debris.
  • The screen hole size is set incorrectly.

When the viscous and wet materials that are difficult to screen enter the screen surface of the vibrating screen, especially the fine screen holes for deep screening, it is very easy to block the screen holes. After screening for a period of time, most of the screen surface will be blocked, so screening is difficult.

How to solve the problem that the dry method is difficult to screen with a vibrating screen

Under the premise that the nature of the material remains unchanged, to deal with the difficulty of dry screening, two problems need to be solved:

  • The material can be effectively stratified on the screen surface.
  • The material can pass through the sieve holes smoothly, that is, the sieve surface does not block the holes.

In view of the above two points, we need to improve on the screening machine, and the solutions are as follows:

  • Increase the vibration intensity of the vibrating screen surface to achieve effective stratification of materials.
  • The screen surface has a self-cleaning function and will not block the screen holes.

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