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Types of Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor is a reliable and low-cost conveying method for handling solid bulk materials. According to different application scenarios, belt conveyors have many types. For example, long-distance and large-capacity fixed belt conveyors, belt conveyors in open-pit mine stripping dumping systems, long-distance curved belt conveyors, tubular belt conveyors, stackers, stackers, and tire movement conveyors, crawler mobile conveyors, fabric spreaders, ship loader, ship unloader, intelligent car loader and other conveying equipment.

Bead Mill vs. Ball Mill and Jet Mill

The bead mill is a modular mill specially used to grind fine particles to sub-micron size. The processing material of the bead mill includes three stages: wetting, grinding and dispersing.

Case of Long-Distance Heat-Resistant Bulk Material Conveyor Belt

Before the completion of this transportation line, many cement companies relied on short-distance transportation of about 12 million tons of cement clinker each year on local roads all year round. Because this transportation line is very important to the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the transportation volume is very large, and the long-term use has caused the road to be seriously damaged, there are many hidden road safety hazards, and the dust and mud seriously damage the local environment.

Can Sea Sand be Used for Concrete Construction?

Some coastal countries and regions have begun to consider using sea sand instead of natural river sand, such as the Netherlands, France and Denmark. China, with its long coastline and vast shallow seas, is rich in sea sand resources. Therefore, some areas such as Guangdong Province have begun to accelerate the mining of sea sand, but some areas still resolutely resist sea sand, such as Shanghai. The same is the coastal area, why is the attitude towards sea sand completely different? Can sea sand be used for concrete aggregate? If so, how to use sea sand for construction?

Belt Filter Presses vs. Recessed Plate Filter Presses

Filter press equipment is mainly used to dehydrate and separate liquids and solids in aggregate and mineral processing applications. The common ones are belt filter presses and recessed plate filter presses. This post will introduce the main differences between belt and recessed plate filter presses.