Modular crushing and screening plant

For many years, while enjoying the convenience of mobile and portable crushing and screening plants, quarry operators have also regretted some shortcomings of mobile and portable crushing stations. They have been looking for a solution that combines the advantages of mobile crushing plants and fixed crushing plants, and the modular plant just meets their needs.

What is modular plant?

The modular plant is a crushing and screening plants constructed of pre-designed modules. It has a variety of modular products, feeders, crushers, vibrating screens and conveyors and other equipment can be installed on a standardized metal frame modular chassis, and equipped with an automation system and independent power supply, you can provide a complete feeding Material, crushing, screening and conveying solutions.

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Modular jaw crusher
(Modular jaw crusher)

Modular plants are made of large components or modules, including wrap-around catwalks, protective fences, motors, drives and other components. It not only has the advantages of large output of a fixed plant, easy maintenance, but also mobility (fast removal and installation).

Advantages of modular plant

Whether compared with mobile or portable crushing plants, or fixed crushing and screening plants, modular plants have certain competitive advantages.

Modular cone crusher
(Modular cone crusher)

High design standards

The modular plant is designed in accordance with international standards ISO_14122, Australian standard AS_1657 and other standards, and the modular chassis of the rack has high safety performance.

Faster shipping, assembly and delivery

As affordable heavy equipment, the pre-assembled parts of the modular plant can be easily loaded into a truck or container, easy to transport, on-site assembly and delivery.

Modular impact crusher
(Modular impact crusher)

Small footprint

Compared with crushing plants on concrete foundations, modular plants have a smaller footprint.

Fast transfer

The modular plant not only reduces operating costs and saves time, but can also be quickly disassembled and relocated to another site in the future, whether it is another rock face in the same quarry or another quarry.

Modular vibrating screen
(Modular vibrating screen)

Dust control design

In the design process of the modular plant, the contractor’s subsequent dust-proof matching design was taken into consideration, which reduced the dust leakage points during the equipment work process, and specially designed a standard dust cover as an optional part for dust removal.

Multiple module options to fit your application

The modular plant has a variety of modular options, including modular feeder, modular jaw crusher, modular cone crusher, modular impact crusher and modular vibrating screen, which can meet your needs.

Easy to repair and maintain

Compared with mobile or portable crushing and screening plants, modular plants are designed with stairs and sidewalks to provide better repair and maintenance services without the need for technicians to enter the narrow confined space for repairs and maintenance.


If you are operating a mine or quarry crushing plant, the modular plant can be an excellent alternative to crawler and wheel crushing and screening plants. It has more equipment range than traditional mobile equipment and can be equipped with heavier quarrying equipment.

(PDF Download) Modular Crushing and Screening Plants|Definition and Advantages

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