Mobile vs portable crushing plant

From construction waste recycling to quarrying and mining, every raw material processing job is faced with severe challenges. It is vital to have the right crushing and screening equipment to process the materials and final products.

Mobile and portable crushing equipment, although they look similar in appearance, their differences may affect your business profitability. This post compares the differences between the two types of equipment to let you know which crushing equipment is more suitable for you.


What is a mobile crushing plant (track-mounted)

The mobile crushing plants are track-mounted and easily movable or transport between production sites. Mobile crushing and screening plants are often used in aggregate production, construction waste recycling, and even mining quarrying applications.

Common mobile crushers include mobile jaw crushers, mobile cone crushers and mobile impact crushers.

What is a portable crushing plant (wheel-mounted)

The portable crushing plants are wheel-mounted and easy to transport between production sites. Portable crushing and screening equipments are often used in quarry aggregate production, construction waste recycling and mining applications.

Common portable crushers include portable jaw crushers, portable cone crushers and portable impact crushers.

The difference between tracked and wheeled

These two crushing equipment are very similar, but they are quite different.


Taking jaw crusher as an example, the main components of portable crusher are: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, conveyor, steel frame structure, wheels, power control system and hydraulic support system.

The components of the mobile crusher are: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, conveyor, steel frame structure, crawler walking device, diesel drive system and hydraulic drive system.

It can be seen that portable crushers are electrified equipment, and mobile crushing stations are diesel-powered equipment.


The portable crusher needs to be transported by trailer, which is fixed by a hydraulic support system at the production site, and transported by trailer to other production sites after the raw materials are crushed.

The mobile crusher also requires trailer transportation, but it can be driven by itself at the production site. Therefore, the mobility of the mobile crusher at the work site is better than that of the portable crusher.

Output/production efficiency

Compared with the portable crusher, the mobile crushing plant has more components, more compact structure, smaller feed hoppers and discharge ports, and the space between the discharge port and the belt is also very narrow, and the product output is small.

At the same time, components such as diesel engines, fuel tanks, oil pipes, hydraulic motors, air filters, valves and sensors may cause equipment downtime over time. The complex structure will prolong the inspection and maintenance time, so the production efficiency is lower than that of portable equipment. .

Compared with most mobile crushers, the portable crusher has a simple structure, a larger inlet and outlet, and the distance between the outlet and the belt is also far, so its output is high.

At the same time, portable crushers are all electrical equipment with few parts and good stability. The service life is longer than the diesel/hydraulic combination, and it is simple to operate and easy to maintain, so the production efficiency is higher.


Portable crushers are often used in mines and quarries where raw materials are relatively concentrated, and usually do not need to move production for a period of time.

Mobile crushing plants are often used in crushing projects where raw materials are relatively dispersed and require mobile operations, such as urban construction waste recycling.

Economic benefit

Compared with the mobile crusher, the portable crusher has a lower price, with the same configuration, the output is larger, and it has better economic benefits.

Since the mobile crusher provides the power system, it can move on the production site by itself, so the price is relatively high.


The mobility of the work site is the strength of mobile crushing plants, and the output of portable crushing plants is higher. Investors can choose suitable crushing equipment according to capital and application environment.

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