Manufactured sand properties

Manufactured sand

Manufactured sand is a kind of artificial sand, which can control the stone powder content and gradation requirements in accordance with the national standards and technical requirements of project quality, which can effectively meet the actual needs of different projects.

Manufactured sand is a cube with edges and corners, and the surface is relatively rough, which can increase the bite force between each other, and when it is applied to concrete, it can increase the strength of the concrete. Under the same conditions as other materials, the strength of the concrete prepared with manufactured sand is 2~3MPa higher than that with construction sand.

Manufactured sand can be produced together with crushed stone, which can increase the utilization rate of mineral resources. There are more sources, which is convenient for production and can reduce production and transportation costs.

The apparent density of manufactured sand is about 2700kg/m3, which is slightly larger than natural sand, the crushing value is 6%-8%, and the stone powder content is about 10%.

Manufactured sand is generally thicker, with a fineness modulus of over 3.0, and natural sand has a fineness modulus of about 3.

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