Fine Sand Recycling Plant

The fine sand recovery plant is the back-end processing equipment of the sand and gravel production line, and it needs to be often operated under relatively harsh environmental conditions. Therefore, the frequency of failure of the fine sand recovery machine will be much greater than that of ordinary mechanical equipment. In particular, some equipment operators pay little attention to equipment maintenance when using tailings recovery equipment, which greatly reduces the service life of the fine sand recovery machine, which ultimately leads to frequent maintenance and replacement of the machine, which greatly increases production costs. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the fine sand recovery machine is very important. In this article, I will share the correct maintenance method of the fine sand recovery equipment.

The fine sand recovery machine developed by us adds a material recovery function to the dewatering screen, which can achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses. This equipment is generally combined with a sand washing machine to form a complete set of equipment. The dewatering screen on the equipment further dehydrates the finished materials of the sand washing machine, and the recycling system on the equipment recycles the waste material discharged from the sand washing machine.

The fine sand recovery plant fully solves the shortcomings of high water content, high mud content, high dust content, and difficulty in removing impurities in the finished product after sand washing by the sand washing machine, and greatly improves the quality of the finished sand.

Pay attention to the following points when maintaining the fine sand recovery machine:

  1. Regularly check the oil level of the reducer of the fine sand recovery machine, the tightness of the triangle belt, the meshing degree of the gear and the lubrication, including whether the connecting fasteners are loose, etc., to ensure that the machine is in a normal and stable working state .
  2. After adding lubricating oil to the reducer for the first time for one month, replace the lubricating oil in time, and filter it when filling.
  3. During the operation of the fine sand recovery machine, skilled technicians should be responsible for supervising the equipment, and the operators must have relevant troubleshooting skills for the fine sand recovery machine.

The above is a few maintenance precautions for daily operation of the fine sand recovery plant, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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