Jaw crusher wear parts

The wear parts of jaw crusher are jaw plate and side plate. In the mining crushing and screening industry, crusher manufacturers usually provide very limited design options for wear parts. Most equipment manufacturers do not produce wear parts such as jaw plates, but rely on external foundries. In contrast, Rayco is an expert in crusher wear parts and a leading manufacturer and supplier of castings in China.

Rayco provides replacement wear parts for almost all brands and models of crushers. Products of different materials can also be customized according to the drawings provided by customers.

In order to maintain good wear resistance and hardness, most of Rayco’s crusher wear parts are made of high manganese steel. Medium-carbon low-alloy steel and high-chromium cast iron/low-alloy steel are also used for casting wear parts.

As the preferred equipment for rough crushing, the aggregate industry has high requirements on the wear parts of jaw crushers. Our replacement products can help you maintain the best production level and high-quality finished products. Our wear part designs are all developed for customers seeking to improve the performance of jaw crushers, including:

  • More accurate crusher wear parts size
  • Less frequent replacement of wear parts
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Increase production
Jaw Plate
Side Fender

We can provide OEM replacement jaws, side guards and other wear-resistant parts for crushing and screening equipment brands, as well as common spare parts such as brackets and liners. Learn more

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