In the past few years, we have established good cooperative relations with some local quarry owners in Uganda. Our aggregate processing equipment has been operating steadily locally.

I did a simple market analysis of Uganda’s aggregate crushing industry for new investors’ reference.

Raw Materials And Crushing Equipments

(Granite near Mukono)

Most of the stones in Uganda are hard granite, so the concrete aggregate processing equipment usually uses a combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher. The equipment from Italy and China is more popular in the local area. The common finished materials are divided into three specifications: sand, ½ inch and 3/4 inch aggregate. There are also quarries that produce aggregates of other specifications.

Granite in Nebbi
Granite in Nebbi

Aggregate Price

The price of aggregate near the capital Kampala: 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch aggregates are about $16 per ton, and sand is about $10 per ton. In the sand in eastern Uganda, aggregates of 1/2 and 3/4 are about $23 per ton.

Suitable Investment Area

Granite crushing plant at work
Granite crushing plant at work

Mukono is the largest quarry gathering place in Uganda. The concrete aggregates here are mainly supplied to Kampala and other regions, and even aggregates are supplied to South Sudan. Therefore, Mukono is also the preferred area for many new investors to start their aggregate processing business.

Nebbi is located in northwest Uganda, close to the Congolese and the Nile. Due to the large amount of infrastructure demand, there are also many quarries here.

The Nile
The Nile

Busia is located in eastern Uganda, close to the Kenyan border, where there are many gold resources. Therefore, the mineral crushing production line can be invested here.

Gulu is a highway hub in northern Uganda. As there are almost no quarries in northern Uganda, both northern regions and South Sudan need to go to Mukono to purchase sand and gravel aggregates, which leads to high transportation costs (South Sudan to Mukono takes 2 days). Therefore, the market potential of opening mine aggregate processing plant in Gulu is great.

Granite crushing plant at work
(Granite crushing plant at work)


According to the strength of investors and local market conditions, we have designed 4 different quarry aggregate processing solutions for investors’ reference.

How To Choose Equipment For Aggregate Processing Plants

Most of the local aggregate stones are granite, so the combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher is very popular in the local market. If it is a small production quarry, you can consider the combination of jaw breaking and jaw breaking, so that the output is guaranteed and equipment maintenance is convenient.

When you are looking for quarry plant aggregate equipment, please contact our aggregate equipment experts to help you make the right choice in the first time.

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