Crushing plant in India

India is rich in mineral resources, with bauxite reserves and coal production both ranking fifth in the world, and mica exports account for 60% of world exports. In addition to bauxite, coal and mica, India’s main mineral resources include iron ore, manganese, bauxite, titanium ore, chromite, limestone, etc. At the same time, we have also received a large amount of demand for crushed coal and iron ore, and many investors and operators want to purchase crushers and grinding equipment. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of crushing and milling equipment in Asia, we have exported equipment to India many years ago, and it has been running well locally, and has been praised by local users. Now we have some experience in the Indian market to share with you.

Crusher market

India’s local crusher industry is relatively developed. There are many crusher manufacturers in various cities. Local investors basically purchase domestic equipment. Therefore, the crusher market is basically saturated, especially in Hubei, which has relatively low technical content. Type crusher, counterattack crusher and feeder. It is actually very difficult for foreign equipment manufacturers to enter the Indian market.
Because crushing equipment in many countries, including China, is basically not dominant in price, it is difficult to see crusher brands from other countries locally. In addition, India’s import tariff ratio is 30-40%, plus shipping costs. In Expenses, smart Indians are more willing to purchase equipment from local manufacturers, rather than considering importing crushers from other countries.

Of course, this does not mean that crusher brands from other countries cannot enter the Indian market. Compared with jaw crushers with lower technical content, hydraulic cone crushers and vertical shaft impact crushers and other higher-tech crushing equipment have certain quality and technical advantages for manufacturers in China and other countries. Therefore, we can focus on the promotion of cone crushers and vertical shaft impact crushers to the Indian market, which is believed to open up the market.

Mill market

High-tech micro-powder mills and large trapezoidal mills are very popular with local investors and operators. From the user demand we receive, most customers process quartz, feldspar, limestone, calcite and iron Raw materials such as ore. Our industrial pulverizers have a certain market share, although this type of pulverizer is also affected by suppliers such as ball mills and vertical mills.
However, the Indian mill market still has huge development potential. If targeted promotion and publicity, as well as introductions from local customers, the mill market in India will also improve.

Auxiliary equipment

Usually, few Indian buyers purchase related products of crushers and mills, and occasionally purchase iron separators and air compressors that need to be used on mills. It seems that local buyers in India can purchase excavators, loaders, dump trucks, drilling rigs, generators, floor scales and other related products from stone factories, instead of relying on imports. It can be seen that such products from other countries are difficult to have a market in India.


Usually, 20% of the customers we meet in India will ask if there is an office or agent in the local area. This shows that they hope that the equipment manufacturer can provide products, technical support and after-sales service locally.

Set up office

The best way to enter the local market is to directly establish an office, and the office should be located in a city with developed economy, industrialization and transportation. Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata are all good choices. It is the best if there are factories with old customers nearby.
Indian buyers generally want to know the manufacturer’s sales in India as soon as they understand the product performance and price, and they want to get in touch with local users first to understand the use of the equipment.
Even if there is no local office, it does not matter. As long as the price of the equipment can satisfy them, I believe they are willing to develop business cooperation with you.
Therefore, to sell products in India, either the price is low enough or the establishment of an office or agent locally.

Negotiation method

Indian buyers generally want to know our sales in India for the first time after understanding the product performance and price, and sometimes even before, and want to get in touch with the locals first to get a general understanding of the usage of our equipment. In addition, interested buyers will also go to China to inspect production workshops and production equipment. 30-50% of buyers who have visited our company and equipment will place an order. There are almost no Indian customers who place orders without visiting China.

Final thoughts

We are a well-known quarry aggregate equipment manufacturer and exporter in China. If you want to buy a crusher or a complete aggregate production line, you can contact us.

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