Impact crusher vs jaw crusher

In mining and quarry crushing applications, the size, hardness and output of the raw materials determine the type and model of the crusher. In aggregate processing equipment, the most common crushing equipment is jaw crusher and impact crusher. What is the difference between these two types of crushing equipment?

Different working principles

There are currently two main types of rock crushers: compression crushers and impact crushers.

Compression crushing equipments
Jaw crusher, cone crusher and gyratory crusher.

Impact crushing equipments
Impact crusher (horizontal shaft) and vertical shaft impact crusher (vertical shaft).

Working principle of jaw crusher

Jaw crushers will perform better in medium to high compressive strength applications and abrasive applications. It crushes stones through compression and squeezing, which can easily destroy the stable structure of hard rock. Jaw crushers are often used in primary crushing applications.

Working principle of impact crusher

Impact crushers are usually used for applications where the stone is softer, has a lower density and less abrasive. The high-speed rotating rotor throws the stone into the impact toggles, and the impact energy generated by the rotor breaks the rock along its natural fracture line. As secondary crushers, they are often used behind jaw crushers to create final products that meet the standards.

Different wear parts

High manganese steel jaw plate
(High manganese steel jaw plate)

Jaw crushers are compression crushers, and wear-resistant parts must have high wear resistance. Therefore, the jaw plate of the jaw crusher is mainly made of high manganese steel. It has high impact resistance, excellent abrasion resistance under strong impact abrasive wear conditions, and almost no breakage.

High chromium iron blow bars
(High chromium iron blow bars)

The impact crusher mainly crushes soft rock materials. The most common impact hammer material in the secondary crushing application is high chromium iron, and very few impact crushers use martensitic alloy steel.

Different finished product size and shape

Jaw and impact crusher final product quality

The jaw crusher is suitable for the primary and intermediate crushing of hard materials with a compressive strength of 320Mpa or less. Such as granite, basalt and so on.

It uses compression and crushing technology, the finished material has more needle-like flakes, and the finished particle size is usually 10-350 mm.

The impact crusher is suitable for various soft and medium hard rocks for coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing. Such as broken limestone, coal, gypsum, shale, etc.

It uses impact to smash materials. Most of the finished aggregates are cubic structure with few needles, and the material has a finer particle size and better quality.

Crushing equipment with good performance can improve productivity and the quality of the final product. Therefore, choosing the right crusher is very important for investors. If you need help finding the right crusher, or if you want a professional to customize a crusher for you, please contact us.

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