Cone crusher
(Hydraulic cone crusher is being installed in the quarry)

Cone crushers on the market are divided into hydraulic and spring/symons cone crushers. Compared with traditional spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher has more advantages. In this article, I will analyze the difference between these two types of cone crushers.

Why Hydraulic Cone Crusher is High Performance

Higher pivot of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

From the inner structures of hydraulic and spring cone crusher, it is clearly that the pivot point of hydraulic cone crusher is higher than that of spring/symons cone crusher. As we know, the highest of the pivot point, the higher speed of mantle will be produced.

(The inner structures of Hydraulic and Spring Cone Crusher)

Eccentric Rotating Around Fixed Shaft, Not With Fixed Shaft, Which Allows Higher Speed of Mantles.

At first, we should know the working principles of Hydraulic and Spring Cone Crusher.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Cone Crusher

  • Power transmitted by countershaft and straight gear
  • Eccentric rotating around fixed shaft
  • Mantle support driven by the eccentric with rotation and oscillation movements

Working Principle of Spring Cone Crusher

  • Power transmitted by countershaft and straight gear
  • Eccentric rotating with fixed shaft
  • Mantle support driven by the eccentric with rotation and oscillation movements

Based on hydraulic and spring cone crusher’s working principles, you can find the biggest difference is the change of moving mode of mantles. The improvement of hydraulic’s inner structure allows mantle rotating in a higher speed, bringing about great reduction ratio.

However, as the spring cone crusher, the eccentric is rotated with a fixed shaft. So, the fixed shaft will be broken off if the eccentric is rotating at a high speed.

How to Measure Hydraulic is High Performance

Hydraulic’s eccentric rotating around fixed shaft, while spring’s eccentric rotating with fixed shaft.

Intuitive judging from the sizes of their fixed shaft
Hydraulic’s shaft is bigger than spring cone crusher’s. (See inner structure)

From the allowed Rotating Speed of Motor
Take two similar models, HP400 and CS400, as an example. The rotating speed of HP400’s sheave reaches 750-950RPM, while CS400’s is 400-450RPM. The higher speed is, the greater reduction ratio is.

From the size of the sheave (external structure)
The diameter of hydraulic’s sheave is smaller than Spring Cone Crusher’s. This design allows hydraulic’s contershaft and mantle rotating in a higher speed. From the size of sheave, you can judge whether the mantle is rotated with high speed and whether it is High Performance cone crusher.

What Will Hydraulic Cone Crusher bring to You

1. Great Reduction Ratio (From The Gradation Curve and % Passing Regarding Setting)

Gradation Curve and % Passing of Hydraulic

Gradation Curve and % Passing of Spring Cone Crusher

% Passing of Spring Cone Crusher

Production Gradation Parameter in 38 mm setting

  Cone        Crusher  100mm  51mm  38mm  25mm  10mm  4mm
(Processing hard rock)

2. High Cubicity From hydraulic Cone Crusher

Cubicity: The shape improvement between old cones technology (spring) and new cone technology (hydraulic) is between 5 and 10 in terms of % of flaky products, this can be achieved with:

  • Large eccentricity
  • High Speed
  • Multi-layered Crushing

Cubicity: Multi-layer Crushing

Multi-layer Crushing
(New Technology: hydraulic Cone Crusher)

Cubicity: Single-layer Crushing

(Old Technolohy: Spring Cone Crusher)

3. Easy to Install

Itemscone crusher dimensions MM (L*W*H)Weight(kg)

You can see our HP400(hydraulic) is easier for transportation and installation by comparing dimension and weight.

4. Easy to Operate

Suppose closed side setting (CSS) of HP400 and CS400’s is set to 38 mm. After operating for a period of time, mantle and concave blow liners are worn away. The CSS will be larger than expected.

As to CS400, people have to rotate the bowl for fine control setting adjustments manually.

While as to HP400, hydraulic adjustment system rotates the bowl for fine control setting adjustments that also rotate the bowl completely out of the adjustment ring threads for liner change out, greatly simplifying liner change. Less downtime for replacing wear parts

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5. Hraulic Tramp Release Cylinder

Hydraulic tramp release cylinder mean the HP cone crusher can pass tramp iron that would stall spring cone crushers. The large clearing stroke independent of liner wear reduces the efforts required to clear a stalled crusher, reducing downtime.

Tramp Release System
(Tramp Release System)

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