Common problems such as material blocking may occur when the crusher crushes materials. What should I do if the material is blocked?

the material blockage in the crusher

Causes of raw materials clogging in the crusher

The possible causes of blockage are:

  • Too much fine material conveyed to the crusher
  • Feeding moisture is too high
  • Uneven feeding
  • Jaw plate installed incorrectly
  • Solution to raw material blockage

Solution to raw material blockage

When the crusher shuts down due to material blockage:

1. Press the “Stop” button to stop the feeder.

2. Empty the crushing cavity. Oversized materials can be lifted out of the crushing cavity with “clamps” or cranes. Miscellaneous iron or unbreakable materials should be taken out immediately. If necessary, increase the crusher’s discharge port to remove miscellaneous iron.

For large pieces of material, it is recommended to use a hydraulic hammer to break the large pieces of material before feeding.

c) Check one by one according to the cause of the blockage.

d) Restart the crusher

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