Invest In Quarry

In the situation where the supply of construction stone is in short supply and the price has increased sharply, more and more investors in the quarry are also increasing. Due to the large amount of investment in the quarry aggregate processing plant, it is necessary to be very cautious in the early stage of investment. This quarry investment guide may be helpful to investors.

In order for a quarry to achieve sustained profitability and long-term development, it is necessary to do a good job in dust prevention and greening of the production line. These measures include but are not limited to installing dust control systems on crushing plant.

In addition to environmental protection, investing in open quarries also considers the following factors:

Market Research

Early-stage quarry investors need to conduct a thorough investigation of the market, understand the demand for stones and the types of aggregates in the local or surrounding markets, and formulate specific investment plans and production plans.

Site Selection Of The Quarry

If you own a mine, you can produce it nearby, and if there is no production site, you need to lease it. When choosing a site, attention should be paid to choosing a place close to the origin of the raw materials, the raw materials are relatively clean, convenient to transport, and far away from residential areas. It is also necessary to conduct surveys of the local geological environment for stable production work in the later period.

Quarry Permits

The quarry must apply for several permits such as prospecting permit, mining permit, safety certificate, etc., and handle relevant permits such as land use approval permit, air permit, and mineral resource reserve specification to carry out standardized production.(Different countries and regions may have different permits).

Configuration Plan Of Quarry

According to the requirements of raw material hardness, production site, expected output, discharging granularity and market conditions, contact the service provider to provide a specific configuration plan, and at the same time make an estimate of the investment cost, and select an appropriate configuration plan according to the investor’s capital status.

Procurement of Aggregate Processing Equipment

The main equipment of the quarry aggregate processing plant includes feeders, crushers, vibrating screens, belt conveyors, etc. When selecting equipment, try to choose well-known equipment manufacturers. The selection of equipment should be based on the principle of high efficiency and energy saving. Can reduce production costs and create greater profits.


Generally, the quarry equipment manufacturer appoints a professional engineering team to carry out on-site installation or guide the installation. Investors should try their best to choose a relatively flat place when installing by themselves. There should be a gap between each equipment to facilitate the daily maintenance of the equipment maintenance.

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