Water Spray Device On The Vibrating Screen

In the common dust removal program of crushing plants, in addition to using dust collectors for dust control, water spray devices are also installed on the vibrating screen to clean materials, clean the screen and remove dust. Today we take the circular vibrating screen as an example to see how to install a water spray device on the vibrating screen.

Step 1: Determine the specifications of the vibrating screen so that we can arrange the number of water pipes and nozzles on the screen.

Step 2: Determine the height of the water pipe, that is, the actual length higher than the screen. The height cannot be too high or too low. The installation of the spray pipe is too high, and the pressure of the water washing is not enough, which will affect the washing effect. The installation of the spray pipe is too low. Will affect the screening efficiency of materials.

Step 3: Determine the installation distance and number of water pipes according to the length or number of layers of the vibrating screen. Please keep in mind: The high-pressure nozzles of multiple rows of spray pipes need to be installed in a staggered manner, that is, the nozzles of the first row and the second row are arranged crosswise. By analogy, to ensure the uniformity and coverage of the nozzle.

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