A large amount of yellow mud is often present in the process of wet sand making and sand washing plants. Due to site restrictions, most sand production lines have a small sedimentation tank area, and often the generated sludge cannot be treated in time. How to deal with the mud in the sand washing plant?

Sand washing plant
  • If the solid content of the mud in the sand washing plant is 30%, of which fine sand accounts for half or more than 20%, then it is best to extract the fine sand first (using a fine sand recovery machine to recover the tailings), and extract this part of the fine sand. Sand can also generate additional profits. In the fine sand, some metal may be recovered again, and the fine sand can also be sold directly.

After the fine sand is extracted, the remaining mud can be dewatered using a mud dehydrator, or a filter or filter press can be used to process the mud.

  • If the fine sand content in the mud of the sand washing plant is less than 20% of the total concentration, there is no need to use the fine sand recovery machine, and the dehydrator can be used directly for dehydration.

Filters, filter presses, and stone powder sand slurry dry discharge machines are professional equipment for the treatment of sludge from sand washing plants. They use the principle of automatic dewatering and squeezing dewatering to quickly squeeze out the water.

Why use a filter, a filter press and a dry discharging machine for stone powder sand slurry?

  • Yellow mud from the sand washing plant can be discharged into dry mud after being processed by equipment.
  • The treated sludge becomes clean water, which can be recycled for sand washing, without wasting water resources and reducing water costs.
  • The dry mud pressed out by the sand washing sludge treatment equipment can be directly packaged and transported.
  • The process flow can be designed on site according to the requirements, and the sludge treatment process can be automated.

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