Quarry Conveyor Belt

Granite, basalt and other aggregates in quarries are usually heavy, hard, sharp and extremely abrasive. Therefore, gravel and rock conveyor belts used in quarry must have very high impact resistance, tear resistance and cutting resistance.

At Rayco, we provide heavy-duty gravel and rock conveyor belts that ensure the best performance. It is superior to other reinforced belts in terms of toughness, durability and best wear life, and can be adapted to different conveying applications in quarries. It can transport all kinds of hard rock and soft rock, metal and non-metal minerals.

Rubber Conveyor Belt for Quarry Plant

Fabric Conveyor Belt
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
Chevron Conveyor Belt

You can contact us for more information about the material, specification, price of the conveyor belt for the quarry crusher.

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