Dust Collector Control Board

Generally, the key to improving the efficiency of the baghouse is the correct operation of the pulse jet cleaning system. The main control device of this system is the pulse dust collector control board. Its output is used to drive the pulse jet solenoid valve, and then control the compressed air to clean the filter bag.

Now I recommend a very popular control board for dust collection system, which can be used with any type of pulse jet baghouse dust collector. It can realize online or offline injection control, timing or differential pressure injection control and other control methods.

Cleaning your dust collector filters based on differential pressure is key to increasing efficiency and extending filter life.

This dust collector control board/panel has an on-demand cleaning function to achieve a more efficient dust removal system. A circuit board with an integrated pressure sensor to trigger a cleaning cycle based on the pressure difference, thereby improving cleaning efficiency, extending filter life and reducing emissions. With a clean-on-demand (pulse on demand) control system, the industrial dust collector cleaning system is only activated when needed.

The operator only needs to set the dust collector control panel to only start cleaning the filter bag when the pressure difference reaches a higher range, and will continue to clean until the pressure difference drops below the lowest range.

This continues as an ongoing cycle that is performed the entire time your dust collector is running. This improves cleaning efficiency, prolongs filter life and reduces emissions.

Dust Collector Control Board Specifications

Rated input voltageAC220V (1±10%) 50HZ-60HZ (or other specifications)
Rated output voltageDC24V (or other specifications)
Rated output current1A
Control input signalswitch contact
Operating environment-25℃~+55℃, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 85%;
no serious corrosive gas and dust in the shop;
no severe vibration or impact.
Power consumption<10W
Number of output250 (offline valve + solenoid pulse valve)
Differential pressure test range0~6000Pa
Alarm outputDC24V, ≤0.2A
Trachea connectionouter diameter/inner diameter 6/4 mm plastic trachea connector
Weight2.50 KG
Volume255 mm×185 mm×80 mm (L×W×H)

The DMT series pulse baghouse dust collector controller has a market share of more than 70% in the Chinese market. The products are widely used in the fields of pulse spray system for dust collectors in quarries, pulse cleaning systems for dust collectors in cement plants and cleaning systems for woodworking dust collectors.

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Control Board Type Definition

Main frameOutput digtisAdjustable range
Main frameOutput digtisAdjustable range

Control Board Wiring Diagram

Control Board Installlation Drawing

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