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Fine particles may become wet during the washing and separation process. These higher water content slurries cannot be directly transported. A special system must be used for dewatering. The dewatering screen is the most important component of this system. Produce consistent and drip-free (moisture content less than 7%) final products, such as various types of sand, gravel, coal, minerals, slag and other particulate materials. In addition to dewatering, it also has the functions of sludge removal, rinsing, sizing and washing. It can also recover fine solid bulk particles from liquid, mud and sludge.

The dewatering screen is indispensable equipment for economically dewatering all types of construction and industrial sand.


Dewatering screens are widely used in the fields of crushed stone aggregate, tailings dewatering, and industrial machine-made sand. They can dehydrate 0-5mm (0-4 mesh) sand, coal, ore and other particles, and can also be used for fine sand recovery.

Dewatering screen mesh size

Dewatering screen mesh size

We use heavy-duty polyurethane modular screens as screening media, which are resistant to impact and abrasion. And provide a variety of screen sizes to suit your application.

The size of the sieve hole will affect the dewatering effect. Usually the size is set to 0.16 mm, providing round, square and rectangular hole shape solutions, and can customize the size according to specific applications.

Dewatering screen working principle

Dewatering screen working principle

The slurry is sent to the downwardly inclined screen surface at the feed end of the dewatering screen to achieve rapid drainage. When the mud passes through the screen, the water drains from the mixture and converges into a pool in the valley.

At the same time, the counter-rotating vibrating motor of the dewatering screen produces a linear motion that forms a certain angle with the surface of the screen to make the slurry move upward and forward.

Dewatering screen working principle

The vibration will cause the material to separate from the water, and the water flows into the pool under the screen. The material is transferred from the discharge port to the belt conveyor and enters the next system.

Integration of dewatering screen and surrounding equipment


The dewatering screen is used in conjunction with the washing system and is usually placed behind the wheel or spiral sand washing machine to achieve material dewatering.

The dewatering screen can be combined with a hydrocyclone, which can recover the 0.074mm-3mm fine material while the slurry is dehydrated. The recovery system can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand. The recovery rate of fine sand is as high as 95%. Economic advantage.

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