Industrial conveyor belts have a wide range of applications. Different applications have different conveyor belt requirements. Therefore, the conveyor belt requires many attachments and accessories. Common conveyor belt accessories are cleats, sidewalls, rubber sheet, impact beds, wear pads, drive drums and lace.

Cleats for conveyor belts

Cleats for conveyor belts

Conveyor belt cleat is a common conveyor belt accessory. It is used to transport materials on inclined conveyor belts and provide uniform spacing between materials. Standard cleats are made of PVC. It has a variety of styles and can be customized according to customer needs.

The conveyor belts cleats can be divided into molded rubber cleats and movable cleats (screwed or bolted).

Sidewalls for conveyor belts

Sidewalls for conveyor belts

The side wall is useful for moving materials on inclined or even vertical conveyors. It prevents material from overflowing, helps prevent products from falling from both sides of the belt, and maximizes product output.

Generally, the sidewall is made of high-quality polyester fiber, which has a higher rigidity values with very low elongation. It is the most practical conveyor belt accessory.

Rubber sheets

Rubber sheets

Rubber sheet is a kind of sheet product with rubber as the main material (including reinforcing materials such as fabric and metal sheet), which is made into a certain thickness and large area after vulcanization.

The rubber sheet has high hardness, physical and mechanical properties, and can work in low pressure and air at 20℃~+140℃.

Multi-ply rubber sheet is a conveyor belt accessory specially designed for mining and quarrying industry. When a large piece of material falls, it can provide effective cushioning, protect the conveyor belt, and has excellent high impact resistance.

Impact bars/ Impact beds

Impact beds

The impact of aggregates and large pieces of quarry material falling from a height can damage the conveyor belt and surrounding idlers. The impact bar can withstand the impact of falling materials.

Usually, this kind of rubber sheet adopts neoprene spring structure to resist wear and impact. It provides protection for the conveyor belt and effectively reduce material overflow.

It also has a smooth finish and has excellent additional power to metals. Modular structure, easy to install.

The impact bed is one of the most effective conveyor belt accessories. It is used in quarry, cement plant, recycling and mineral mining.

Drive drums

Common drive drums are made of rubber and ceramics. There are many options in the industry for drum lag, including ordinary rubber No. 60, which provides extra protection for the tail drum and clean side cushioning from wear.

Conveyor belt fasteners

Conveyor belt fasteners

One of the most popular ways to connect belts is to use mechanical splices. Such splices are commonly referred to as “fasteners” in the industry. Conveyor belt fasteners can save installation time, reduce technician costs and unplanned downtime. Mechanical fasteners also help to remove the belt without having to remove the conveyor.

Conveyor belt fasteners are one of the most commonly used conveyor belt accessories. Common fastener systems include bolt hinge fasteners, rivet plate fasteners, super screws and so on.

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