Cone crusher wear parts

The wear parts of the cone crusher are the concaves, bowl liners, mantles and the feed cones. In the mining crushing and screening industry, crusher manufacturers usually provide very limited design options for wear parts. Most equipment manufacturers do not produce wear parts, but rely on external foundries.

In contrast, Rayco is an expert in cone crusher wear parts and a leading manufacturer and supplier of castings in China. Our engineers are committed to increasing the output during the service life of the concave and the mantle kit, and to achieve a uniform wear ratio between the bowl liner and the mantle kit to minimize waste.

Rayco provides replacement concave bowl liners and mantles for almost all brands and models of spring cone crushers, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers. This kind of wear parts can also be customized according to the equipment procurement and the drawings provided by the operator.

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