Cone crusher vs impact crusher

Not every crusher is suitable for every application. When choosing the best crusher for aggregate applications, it is important to understand how the crusher works and its impact on efficiency, operating costs and final products. When designing aggregate processing production line plans, there are usually differences in the choice of impact and cone crusher. What is the difference between impact crusher and cone crusher? Which is the best fine crushing equipment?

In this post, we will compare impact crushers and cone crushers through crushing principles, wear-resistant parts materials and case studies.

Different Crushing Principles

Working principle of cone crusher

There are two main types of rock crushers: compression crushers and impact crushers.

Compression crushing equipment: cone crusher, jaw crusher, rotary crusher and roller crusher.

Impact crushing equipment: impact crusher (horizontal shaft) and vertical shaft impact crusher (vertical shaft).

Working principle of impact crusher

For cone crusher and jaw crusher, they crush stone by squeezing or compressing, which can easily break the stable content structure of hard stone, So it is more high-efficiency to crush hard stone.

For impact crusher, the high-speed rotating rotor throw stone into impact plates, stones are crushed via impact energy produced rotating rotor. So, impact crusher is good to crush soft material of brittle stone.

Different Processing Materials

The crushing principle is different, so the materials processed by the counterattack and cone crushers are also different.

Most impact crushers are designed to handle relatively soft stone (limestone).

Cone crushers using compression crushing methods are mainly used for crushing hard raw materials such as granite, basalt and iron ore.

Different Materials of Wear Parts

Crusher Wear Parts

Initial High-manganese steel is softer than high-chrome steel, but high-manganese steel has features of high tenacity, that means after many times strike and crushing stone, this high-manganese steel will become harder and harder, so, high-manganese steel is usually used to crush hard stone, and its service life will be very long. So, both jaw plates of jaw crusher and bowl liner & mantle of cone crusher are made from high-manganese steel.

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High chromium iron is very hard, but it is a little brittle, so, it usually used to crush soft material like lime stone. Therefore, the most common blow bar/hammer material of impact crusher is high chromium iron.

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Case study

In order to learn more about the different uses of cone crushers and impact crushers, I will analyze the cases of 4 countries.

Zambia/ Nigeria

According to our experience in Zambia and Nigeria, most of the local raw materials are hard stones like granite, so most investors or equipment owners in Zambia and Nigeria usually use cone crushers as secondary crushers. Because of its high production efficiency and low maintenance costs for hard stones.

Cone crusher working in Zambia
(Cone crusher working in Zambia)

According to our design of using cone crusher as auxiliary crusher, there are more benefits as follows:

  • The compression crusher (cone crusher) generally has lower maintenance costs due to less wear.
  • As the replacement of spare parts is reduced, the equipment will reduce downtime.
  • Effectively saving overhauling period and reducing overhauling quantities. It is easy to find Engineer and spare parts for the cone crusher as there are many customers for cone crusher.

Tunisia/ Libya

In Tunisia and Libya, the local raw materials are always soft rock, such as limestone. Because this kind of stone is easy to handle, impact crushers are usually used in local aggregate quarries.

Impact crusher working in Tunisia
(Impact crusher working in Tunisia)

Learn More About Rock Crushers

Due to the different types, sizes and uses of stone crushers, and the large investment required to purchase stone crushers, it will make the purchase of equipment difficult. When you are looking for crushers or other aggregate equipment, please contact our aggregate equipment experts to help you make the right choice in the first time.

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