1, What are the belt conveyor components?

The belt conveyor is mainly composed of a conveyor belt, an idler pulley, a belt tensioner and a driving device.

Conveyor belt: It has a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, leather, fabric and metal.

Idler: supports the conveyor belt and helps the conveyor belt to stay on the track and run quickly.

Drive device: drive the transmission drum to rotate at a certain speed, and the speed of the commonly used motor is too high, so there must be a reducer to reduce the speed transmitted to the drum.

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2, What is the working principle of the belt conveyor?

The operation of belt conveyor can be roughly divided into:

  • Belt closed loop: Two rollers are arranged at both ends of the belt conveyor to support the belt, and the belt is supported by an idler in the middle section.
  • Create friction: Tighten the conveyor belt to generate static friction between the conveyor belt and the roller.
  • Power transmission: The motor transmits the power to the driving drum through a reducer, and the drum transmits to the belt.
  • Conveyor belt operation: As the drive roller rotates, the conveyor belt moves forward to transport materials.

3, Why should the conveyor belt be tightened?

The drive roller gives enough static friction to the conveyor belt.

Avoid excessive sagging of the conveyor belt between the two rollers.

4, Why can’t the conveyor belt sag too much between two adjacent idlers?

The sagging conveyor belt will bend and undulate when passing the idler, and cause the conveyor belt and the idler to slip viscously. This will easily cause the conveyor belt and the idler to wear and eventually lead to the increase of the driving power of the entire conveyor system and the spreading of materials.

5, Why is the tension of the conveyor belt important?

  • It involves the calculation of the combined force of the tail roller and the head roller, which affects the selection of the roller model.
  • It involves the maximum tension of the conveyor belt and affects the selection of the conveyor belt model.
  • It involves the selection of the structure of the tensioning device and affects the selection.
  • Belt conveyors with the same bandwidth, different capacity, belt speed, and inclination have different conveyor belt tensions, powers, and configurations.

6, Why use a reducer instead of a low-speed motor?

This is because low-speed motors have many disadvantages:

  • Not easy to make, high cost
  • Low speed, low control accuracy
  • Largely affected by load changes
  • Large current consumption, waste of electricity

7, What types of belts are there for conveyor belts?

  • Ordinary canvas tape: elongation is lower than nylon tape, but the service life is average
  • Strong nylon tape: flexible and easy to repair. But with high elongation, the belt is easy to scratch.
  • Polyester conveyor belt: low elongation, impact resistance, good heat stability, suitable for outdoor transportation
  • Steel cord conveyor belt: suitable for long-distance, large-volume, high-speed, high tensile strength, impact resistance, and long life.

8, What are the factors that affect the service life of the conveyor belt?

  • Number of tape bending
  • Material drop and impact of running direction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • The slippage of the conveyor belt causes the belt to be worn off or the motor is burned, and the belt burns.
  • Reasons for conveyor belt slippage and treatment methods

9, Why does the conveyor belt slip? How to solve belt slippage?

Cause AnalysisSolution
The surface of the drum is too smoothAdopt cast rubber roller or rubber coated roller
The drum wrap angle is too smallThe drive roller is installed with an extended roller
The tape is not tight enoughAdjust the tensioning device to ensure the tension of the tape
There is water or ice on the drumRemove water or ice on the surface of the drum and sprinkle some sawdust

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