High-Quality Cone Crusher Wear Parts

In contrast, Rayco is an expert in crusher wear parts and a leading manufacturer and supplier of castings in China. Our engineers are committed to increasing the output during the service life of the rolling mortar wall and the broken wall kit, and to achieve a uniform wear ratio between the concave bowl and the mantle kit to minimize waste.

Different Types of Conveyor Idlers

Idlers are cylindrical rods that extend under and along the conveyor belt. It is the most important component/assembly of the belt conveyor. The idler is usually located in the trough-shaped metal support frame under the support side to support the conveyor belt and materials.

Dust Collector Control Board

Generally, the key to improving the efficiency of the baghouse is the correct operation of the pulse jet cleaning system. The main control device of this system is the pulse dust collector controller. Its output is used to drive the electromagnetic pulse valve, and then control the compressed air to clean the filter bag.

What Is Impact Plate |Wear Liner

The impact plate is the second vulnerable part in the impact crusher to the plate hammer, which bears a large impact force. The shape, structure and casting material of the impact plate have a great influence on the impact breaking efficiency and service life.

Impact Crusher Blow Bars|Types And Application

As a key vulnerable part for Impact Crusher, the quality of blow bars is immensely related to the crushing efficiency of equipment. Rayco’s blow bars are made of high strength wear-resistant material (high-chromium iron , low-carbon alloy steel, Martensitic Alloy Steel) which has better abrasion performance and greatly extents the service life.

Jaw crusher wear parts

The wear parts of jaw crusher are jaw plate and side plate. In the mining crushing and screening industry, crusher manufacturers usually provide very limited design options for wear parts.