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Impact Crusher vs. Jaw crusher, Which One Should I Choose

In mining and quarry crushing applications, the size, hardness and output of the raw materials determine the type and model of the crusher. In aggregate processing equipment, the most common crushing equipment is jaw crusher and impact crusher. What is the difference between these two types of crushing equipment?

What Is Impact Crusher|Working Principle, Parts And Types

The impact crusher is a highly efficient coarse, medium and fine crusher for medium-hard and softer rocks. It is mainly used in industries such as quarry aggregate crushing, mining and construction waste recycling. Its high-efficiency crushing and humanized design adapts to various crushing conditions and can meet investors’ needs for high yield, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction.

Cone Crusher vs. Impact Crusher

Not every crusher is suitable for every application. When choosing the best crusher for aggregate applications, it is important to understand how the crusher works and its impact on efficiency, operating costs and final products. When designing aggregate processing production line plans, there are usually differences in the choice of impact and cone crusher.

How To Install A Water Spray Device On The Vibrating Screen

In the common dust removal program of crushing plants, in addition to using dust collectors for dust control, water spray devices are also installed on the vibrating screen to clean materials, clean the screen and remove dust. Today we take the circular vibrating screen as an example to see how to install a water spray device on the vibrating screen.