Conveyor System

Conveyor Belt For Crusher

These large, sharp and hard gravels often wear out or pierce the conveyor belt during handling. Therefore, belts used in quarry crushers need to use rubber conveyor belts that are resistant to wear and impact.

Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Process

Do you know the manufacturing process of rubber conveyor belt? Most of the Industrial rubber conveyor belt consists of two layers. The lower layer is known as the carcass and gives it a linear strength and shape. The carcass consists of polyester, nylon and cotton. The top layer is called cover. Various rubber or plastic compounds are used to make the cover. It is mainly used for the transportation of bulk materials in industrial applications.

Pipe Conveyor System

Pipe conveyor, also called tubular conveyor, is a kind of conveying equipment that uses traditional grooved rubber belts to make pipes for material handling. It realizes the tubular structure by increasing the excessive idler angle and finally a roller set composed of six idlers on the specified diameter. The diameter and spacing of the roller set are determined by the size of the pipe conveyor and the material being transported.

Stacker Conveyor for Sale

The stacking conveyor consists of a conveyor installed in a heavy-duty truss, which is used to transport solid bulk materials from the bottom to the top of the stockpile. It can be moved flexibly through a traction device (towing vehicle) or its own drive device (crawler/wheel drive), and can be used as a stand-alone machine or combined with other equipment. Compared with wheel loaders or screw conveyors, stackers are more efficient and have less dust.

Types of Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor is a reliable and low-cost conveying method for handling solid bulk materials. According to different application scenarios, belt conveyors have many types. For example, long-distance and large-capacity fixed belt conveyors, belt conveyors in open-pit mine stripping dumping systems, long-distance curved belt conveyors, tubular belt conveyors, stackers, stackers, and tire movement conveyors, crawler mobile conveyors, fabric spreaders, ship loader, ship unloader, intelligent car loader and other conveying equipment.

Case of Long-Distance Heat-Resistant Bulk Material Conveyor Belt

Before the completion of this transportation line, many cement companies relied on short-distance transportation of about 12 million tons of cement clinker each year on local roads all year round. Because this transportation line is very important to the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the transportation volume is very large, and the long-term use has caused the road to be seriously damaged, there are many hidden road safety hazards, and the dust and mud seriously damage the local environment.

Common Types of Aggregate Conveyors Belts

In mines and quarries, conveying systems are inseparable from raw material blasting and mining, crushing processing, screening treatment to finished aggregate handling. Although there are many types of conveying equipment that can transport aggregates and ore, the most widely used in quarry and mineral processing applications is the belt conveyor.