Conveyor System

Common Types of Aggregate Conveyors and Conveyor Belts

In mines and quarries, conveying systems are inseparable from raw material blasting and mining, crushing processing, screening treatment to finished aggregate handling. Although there are many types of conveying equipment that can transport aggregates and ore, the most widely used in quarry and mineral processing applications is the belt conveyor.

How To Choose Coal Mine Conveyor Belt?

Multi ply fabric? PVC/PVG? Steel cord? When we choose a coal mine conveyor belt systems, there may be problems in how to choose. This article on the selection and use of coal mine conveyor belts will tell you how to choose a coal mine conveyor belt.

6 Safety Devices That Must Be Installed On Belt Conveyors

Mining and quarry operations may encounter some potential hazards. When a dangerous situation occurs, the safety device/switch on the belt conveyor can effectively prevent the belt conveyor accident and protect the safety of equipment and personnel. This article will introduce 5 safety switches/devices for belt conveyors.