In a cement plant in Shaanxi, China, there are two Φ3m×11 m cement mills equipped with two JWB20-G electrostatic dust collector with a dust collection area of ​​20m2. With the extension of service time, the dust removal efficiency gradually decreases, the dust-containing gas concentration is high, and the emission The concentration is 150 mg/Nm3, which is far higher than the 20 mg/Nm3 requirement of the mill discharge concentration limit specified by the national emission standard. Therefore, the company urgently needs to modify the dust removal equipment.

Electrostatic Dust Collector

The company requires that while transforming the dust collector, the original open-flow system should be transformed into a closed-circuit grinding process system with a high-efficiency powder separator. The modified dust collector must meet the requirements of the new grinding process and meet the national emission standards.

Modification of Electrostatic Dust Collector for Cement Mill

Modification plan

The original electric dust collector box is used to retain the unit structure of the original electric dust collector, and the filter element of the bag filter is used to replace the original electric dust collector’s electrode plate and polar line transformation plan, which reduces the downtime required for the transformation process, reduce the cost of transformation.

According to the characteristics of the closed-circuit grinding process system of the cement mill after the transformation and the high concentration of gas dust, the PPCS128-9 pulse bag house dust collector with the advantage of processing high-concentration dust-containing gas was selected to replace the original electrostatic dust collector, and the filter efficiency was improved. A filter bag made of high polyester coated needled felt filter cloth material.

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Modification method

  1. Remove the original parts of the electrostatic dust collector: the top cover and all the upper parts and the internal devices of the electrostatic dust collector.
  2. Installation of new components: pulse injection system, lift valve system, clean air chamber, inlet and outlet air ducts, filter bags and bag cages.
  3. Seal the entrance and exit of the original electrostatic dust collector.
  4. Install the FGM-PC(9) PLC control device with pressure detection, so that the dust collector can realize the display alarm of the inlet and outlet pressure difference and realize the automatic dust removal.
  5. Insulate the newly added components.
  6. Check the sealing condition of the original parts of the electrostatic dust collector, and replace the failed sealing materials.
  7. Clean up the debris inside the dust collector.

Transformation effect

The modified pulse baghouse dust collector can meet the new grinding process requirements of the closed-circuit grinding process system, and the discharge concentration at the outlet meets the national emission standards.

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