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What is Impact crusher blow bars

Blow bar, also known as breaker hammer, hammer or impact hammer, is installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, used for crushing limestone, construction waste and other raw materials.

The blow bar is the key wear part of the impact crusher, and its quality determines the crushing efficiency of the equipment.

Impact crusher rotor and blow bar

Impact crusher blow bars material

Different working conditions need to choose different types of blow bars, from high manganese steel, martensitic alloy steel to high-chromium iron. These types of blow bar can ensure that the impact crusher always maintains the best operating condition with the best cost performance.

High manganese steel

High manganese steel has high impact resistance and excellent wear resistance under strong impact abrasive wear conditions. The high manganese steel hammer hardly breaks, so high manganese steel is suitable for primary crushing applications.

Application: abrasive materials, asphalt, concrete, aggregates, construction waste containing steel or steel, larger feed size

Martensitic alloy steel

Martensitic alloy steel can achieve a good balance between impact resistance (toughness) and hardness, and is often used in secondary crushing applications that require better impact resistance and hardness, such as quarrying and construction waste recycling.

However, if the size (under 800 mm) and the feed rate of the material input can be controlled, the martensitic steel hammer is also suitable for primary crushing applications.

Application: concrete, construction waste recycling, sand and gravel aggregates, larger feed size

High-chromium iron

Compared with martensitic alloy steel, the brittleness (fragility) of high chromium iron determines that it is not suitable for crushing large or super large hard materials. Therefore, high-chromium iron blow bars are the most commonly used type in secondary crushing applications.

Application: asphalt, highly abrasive materials, smaller feed size

From this we can simply draw a conclusion

Sort the service life of the hammer material (from long to short)
High chromium ironMartensitic alloy steelHigh manganese steel

Sort of impact toughness of hammer materials (from high to low)
High manganese steelMartensitic alloy steelHigh chromium iron

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