An Inertial vibrating feeder is a self-synchronizing vibrating feeder that uses a vibrating motor as the excitation source. It is specially designed for high-capacity feeding. It is suitable for sand and gravel, metal mining, coal and other industries, and is widely used To secondary or tertiary crushers, belt conveyors and other application fields that require controlled and stable material flow, such as: adjusting the storage yard to feed the belt conveyor or adjusting the silo to feed the crusher.

This series of pan feeders can be installed in two installation methods, suspended and seated. The installation inclination can be selected between 0-10° according to the needs. It can be equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the feeding amount steplessly.

Typical application scenarios of vibration pan feeder

Below the bar of the bar feeder and the jaw crusher outlet.

Pan feeder

The SP pan feeder is pressurized to feed the belt conveyor (usually used in systems above 300 t/h). It can reduce the impact of the jaw crusher (large flat, angular materials) on the tape, and prevent the bucket teeth or long metal objects (rebars, angle irons, etc.) in the raw material from damaging the tape.

Below the storage yard or finished product aggregate hopper.

Pan feeder

The SP vibrating feeder bears pressure and feeds the belt conveyor to prevent the belt conveyor from being damaged by the pressure of the hopper.

Below the transfer hopper

Pan feeder

SP vibrating feeder feeds the cone crusher or vertical shaft impact crusher evenly.

Below the hopper

Pan feeders

SP vibrating feeder is used to realize quantitative feeding to the vibrating screen. In the three-way feeding, the middle branch device SP vibrates fertilizer and realizes the quantitative feeding of the middle branch.

In front of V-shaped powder concentrator or powder concentrator

The SP vibrating pan feeder realizes uniform distribution, makes the material form a waterfall, and has a better winnowing effect.

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