Portable crushing plant
  1. Pre-screening

In mainstream 200-300 tons of rough crushing mobile equipment, equipped with double-layer grate, GF1245 model feeder with a length of 1800MM, with powerful soil removal (pre-screening) function, and the height of the forklift excavator is higher than the same level. The crushing station is 30-40CM lower, which can make the processing capacity of the crushing mobile equipment of the same ton level stronger and increase the investment income.

  1. Large volume silo

The coarse crushing equipment is equipped with a 6.5M³ large-capacity feeding bin. The widened feeding baffle enables the bin capacity to reach 8M³, adjustable speed feeding, and large feeding storage capacity.

The medium crushing equipment is equipped with a 4.5M³ transfer feeding silo, and the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. To achieve uniform feeding, the silo has a certain intermediate transfer storage function to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the intermediate crushing feeding, which is more energy-saving.

Compared with other mobile devices of the same level, the processing capacity can be 160-200t/day more.

  1. Flexible feeding method

Both the coarse crushing feeding silo and the medium crushing feeding silo can realize the loader feeding, and the output benefit is more prominent.

  1. High-performance jaw crusher
  • The jaw crusher has a low feeding height of 300-400MM, which is convenient for operation, labor-saving and time-saving for feeding, and low fuel consumption for feeding.
  • The jaw crusher has small dimensions, compact structure and convenient maintenance.
  • Small impact load, low energy consumption of the host.
  • The small size of ore discharge reduces the operating pressure of the secondary crusher (impact crusher, cone crusher), less return material, indirectly increases the production capacity of the secondary host, and saves the cost of the secondary equipment. Reduce the maintenance loss of the second stage crushing.
  1. Easy to replace the jaw plate

The fixed jaw plate can be replaced on the side, and the discharge opening can be adjusted with a wrench, which is more compact and convenient than the European version 760 jaw breaker.

  1. Vehicle hydraulic lubrication system

The HPT300 cone crusher is equipped with an on-board hydraulic lubrication system. When entering the site, it can directly enter the feeding operation mode with an external power supply, saving a lot of on-site installation time and labor costs.

Portable crushing plants
  1. Vehicle-mounted belt conveyor

The whole series is equipped with a vehicle-mounted belt conveyor, which can directly enter the feeding mode after unfolding. The whole series of vehicle-mounted belt conveyors are equipped with tarpaulin installation holes on the structure, and the dust cover for receiving and discharging can be installed to achieve the effect of dust suppression. The main belt conveyor is equipped with an upper roller and a lower roller. The professional design of boltless connection can realize quick maintenance and replacement without disassembly tools. Equipped with a cleaner.

  1. High-strength wear-resistant materials

The design of the K3 series models continues the brand family design style. Compared with similar products in the same industry, the materials are thick and heavy. High-strength wear-resistant plates are added to the feeding, buffer silo and sieving parts. Significantly extend the service life of the equipment to ensure that the customer’s operation investment returns are maximized.

  1. Unique advantage of sieving before crushing

The K3 series of mobile crushing equipment has a characteristic design style in the direction of crushing and discharging. When there are many small materials at the customer’s site, the mode of sieving and crushing can be activated to achieve the processing effect of large capacity for small equipment. The production capacity can be expanded by 80 to 120 tons.

  1. New equipment and new technology
  • Unique patented design, on a mobile platform frame, two hosts are configured in the configuration, the process structure is compact, in the case of realizing the task of large-capacity crushing and crushing plastic project, it can maximize the reduction of project investment Cost and operating costs, system project investment cost-effective maximized.
  • Equipment such as GF feeder, C series jaw crusher, CI5X impact crusher, HPT cone crusher, HST cone crusher and S5X vibrating screen make the process route of the product line short and efficient. More stable (low failure rate) and higher cost performance.
  • The new host family member XP hammer crusher is added. The large crushing ratio greatly enhances the ability of crushing fine materials and sand making.
  1. Electric hydraulic cylinder

The electro-hydraulic outriggers can be grounded and put into place quickly and automatically, quickly enter the operation mode, and have a fast closing transition.

  1. The electronic control system can be controlled remotely

The electronic control system is equipped with a remote start-stop operation terminal interface as standard, which can realize the control of day and night monitoring operations in harsh environments (high temperature exposure, wind and rain, low cold and freezing).

  1. Convenient basic installation

At the job site, only the pavement is leveled and compacted, and the working conditions can be achieved without the need for leveling and hardening of the cement foundation. Compared with peer mobile stations that require hardening of the cement foundation, it can greatly reduce the cost of project infrastructure construction materials.

  1. Meet the shipping size

Meet the requirements of transportation size, can be shipped without disassembly and assembly, and shipped by container sea.

  1. Environmental protection and high efficiency

Efficient coarse crushing, medium crushing and screening and all-car belt conveyors. It can be installed quickly in a small site and work in the whole process. It has unique environmental protection advantages and is more portable and flexible. In the case of dual-line operation, it can meet the processing capacity of 260-280 tons per hour.

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