Cone crusher advantages

1. Reasonable eccentricity, cavity type and motion parameters are matched, and the high speed is matched with the best stroke, which improves the production capacity and work efficiency of the cone crusher.

2. Adopting the principle of laminated crushing, the crushing mainly occurs between the material and the material, which not only improves the crushing output and efficiency, but also improves the product grain shape, which can produce good grain shape ( cubes and low needle-flaky content ) of stone products.

3. The automatic control system provides multiple operation modes such as manual control, constant discharge port control, and constant power control for users to choose. Through automatic control and detection, display of operating parameters, real-time monitoring of the internal operating conditions of the crusher, so that the crusher can exert its best performance at all times. The discharge port adjustment is realized through the automatic control system, and the load is dynamically adjusted to maximize the performance. The crushing efficiency of the cone crusher saves production costs for users.

4. The sliding bearing adopts a special oil wedge design to form a stable lubricating oil film between the contact surface of the shaft and the sleeve, avoiding direct frictional contact between the shaft and the bearing, reducing heat generation and improving the reliability of equipment operation.

5. The strengthened frame structure design increases the overall strength of the machine body and ensures the carrying capacity of the cone crusher. The transmission system adopts spiral bevel gear, which is reliable, stable, low noise, long life and high carrying capacity.

6. It adopts a structure that combines spindle floating and hydraulic lifting control. The hydraulic adjusting device provides discharge port adjustment and automatic overload protection device, which allows the moving cone to drop, so that the unbreakable material can pass through the crushing chamber. Compared with other types of cone crushers, there is no need to add complicated discharge opening adjustment devices and iron-passing protection devices.

7. The positive pressure dust-proof system is adopted to effectively prevent dust from polluting the lubricating oil and ensure the quality of the lubricating oil.

8. The hydraulic system adopts high-pressure design to meet ordinary pressure requirements. The integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station, optimized oil tank volume, saves 50% of oil consumption.

9. The cone crusher has a simple and smooth appearance, small size and light weight. All maintenance is carried out from the upper part, which is convenient for inspection and repair, easy to replace the eccentric sleeve, and flexibly adjust the eccentric distance to meet different crushing requirements.

10. Each type of cone crusher has a different cavity type and is easy to replace, suitable for a variety of particle size requirements.

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