Granite crushing plant

The crushing plants are 400 t/h dry granite sand crushing plant and 200 t/h weathered granite wet sand crushing plant, mainly producing fine-quality manufactured sand and 0-4.75 mm washed sand.

Material: Granite (dry process), weathered rock (wet process)

Feeding size: 0-800 mm (granite), 0-200 mm (weathered rock, 0-5 mm: 70%-80%)

Discharge size: fine machine-made sand, 0-4.75 mm washed sand

Output: 400t/h fine sand and 200t/h washed sand

Equipment details:

Core equipment of 400t/h granite dry crushing plant:

Jaw crusher (1 set), single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (1 set), multicylinder hydraulic cone crusher (2 sets), tower sand making system (2 sets), feeder, vibrating screen, Dust removal system, etc.

The core equipment of 200t/h weathered rock wet crushing plant:

Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (1 set), impact crusher (1 set) and feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, sewage treatment system, etc.

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