Granite crushing plant flow chart

450-500 th Hard Rock (Granite) Crushing Plant Solution

Equipment list:

Hopper: LC5x5M, 75m3
Feeder: F5X1360, GZD1200x2000*6
Jaw Crusher: C6X125
Cone Crusher: HST250(S2), HST250(H1)*2, 
Vibrating Screen: S5X2760-2*2, S5X2760-2, S5X2160-2
Belt Conveyor: B1200x35M, B1200x26M, B12x34M, B1000x26M*2, B1000x35M*2, B1200x10M, B1000x35M, B1200x10M, B1200x54M, B800x10M, B800x34M, B1000x10M, B1000x24M, B650x32M, B650x30M, B650x36M, B800x24M*2, B500*15M
Iron remover: RCYD-12

3D layout of granite crushing plant
3D layout of granite crushing plant

Process introduction:

Raw material from truck falls down to hopper C1 in concrete foundation, the hopper works as buffer to protect feeder F5X1360(A1) from impact force. ,through feeder, material is fed to jaw crusher C6X110(A2).

Meanwhile the smaller size stone falls down from grizzly bar area in front part of feeder F5X1360(A1), then it is transported by conveyor to vibrating screen S5X2160-2(A9), the screen S5X2160-2(A9) separates out clay from mixed material, stone is transported to middle stock pile.  

Big material as 700mm is fed to jaw crusher C6X110(A2) which works as primary crusher to break big size stone as 700mm into smaller size < 200mm, after jaw crusher, all smaller stone now comes to middle stock pile, under the pile there are two vibrating feeders GZD1200x2000(A3) working strongly to feed material to the following conveyor which connects cone crusher HST250(A4), this cone crusher.

HST250(A4) works as secondary stage crusher for medium-coarse processing, it can crush stone 0-400mm down to 0-29mm, after cone crusher HST250(A4), there is already some qualified aggregate size <31.5mm, after cone crusher A4 all material is transported to following screens S5X2760-2(A6).

After screening, aggregate 20-31.5mm comes out to be one final product, 0-20mm aggregate is transported to following screen S5X2760-2(A7), this screen does the final separating work to produce other three kinds product 0-4.75mm, 4.75-10mm, 10-20mm.

The bigger size aggregate >31.5mm after screen A6 goes back to hopper C2, as buffer to protect two vibrating feeders GZD1200x2000(A3) from impact force. Two vibrating feeders GZD1200x2000(A3) feed material >31.5mm to the following cone crusher HST250(A5) to do the recycling work to crush bigger size material down to 19mm until all material pass through screen A6.

Other equipment as metal magnetic separator A8 is also necessary and important for the crushing line, the magnetic separator A8 can take off steel bars from mixed material to protect following crushers.


metal magnetic separator: It is always hanged after primary jaw crusher before secondary crusher, it can take steel out from material to protect following crushers, though it is not very conspicuous device, it is important and necessary to ensure the crushing line works stably and normally.

middle stock pile: It always can be seen in the design of big crushing lines >250T/H, it has two functions. Firstly, it works as buffer to protect the following crushers, usually material after jaw crusher is not continuous and even, if it is fed to secondary crusher directly though conveyor, it’s hard for secondary crusher to have a good working situation, if we use this stock pile, use feeder under pile. We can feed the secondary crusher evenly and continuously to avoid above problem.

Secondary, the stock pile can cut the crushing line to two independent parts, in this way, if the jaw crusher part is under maintenance, the secondary crushing part can still work with lots material in stock pile in the same way, if the secondary part is under maintenance, the jaw part can still work normally.

conveyor for waste: it is usually necessary to the crushing line, as there is clay together with raw material, through feeder, clay will fall down, so it need one conveyor to take away this waste to ensure aggregate product clean.

steel structure foundation: Using our steel structure foundation, you can save lots time during installation and move crushers to other working sites compared with the concrete foundation, also you can save lots money compared with mobile crushing line, finally there is no capacity limitation for steel structure foundation, it is not like mobile crusher which is usually used under capacity 250T/H.

Model selection for primary crusher: It is based on the raw material hardness, raw material feeding size, capacity needed.

Model selection for secondary crusher: It is based on the raw material hardness, feeding size, final product size needed, crushing line capacity

Model selection for screen: Crushing line capacity, final product size, product kinds needed.

Conveyors for final product transport, why some companies’ design so short, so how long is reasonable

In common design, length of conveyors for final product transport is usually from 15-25M, usually the longer the better, because it can store up more aggregate under longer conveyor then shorter one, in this way, you can reduce the frequency to transfer the aggregate under conveyor to other empty place, so you use loader less to save oil, save money. To compare with us, some companies always design short conveyors to reduce cost, but it is not economy for crusher user in long time running.

The length of conveyor can be estimated by this formula. Conveyor length = Aggregate pile height/0.3.

Want to increase proportion of sand in final product:

If you want to increase the proportion of sand (0-5mm) in final product, our sand making machine is sensible selection, our sand making machine(VSI) is designed especially to meet making sand market in China as environment problem, it is our mature product going through last ten years’ market test. 

Want to view your crusher working site:

You are welcome to view our crusher working site, if you are in China, you can come to our company in Shanghai, after view our factory we can arrange cars to take you to visit our working sites around Shanghai. If you are in overseas country, in most main market as the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocca, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, we all have office in above countries, our office can arrange to take you to our local working site.

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