Process Flow

300-350T/H Medium hard material Crushing Plant

Raw material from the truck falls down to hopper LC4x5M(C1), the hopper works as buffer to protect feeder F5X1360(A1) from impact force. Through the feeder, material is fed to Jaw Crusher PEW860(A2), meanwhile the smaller size stone falls down from grizzly bar area in front part of feeder A1, then it is transported by conveyor to vibrating screen S5X1860-2(A7), the vibrating screen A7 separate out clay from mixed material, stone is transported to middle stock pile.

Big material as 720 mm is fed to jaw crusher A2 which works as primary crusher to break big size stone as 720 mm into smaller size <160 mm, after jaw crusher, all smaller stone now comes to middle stock pile, under the pile there are two vibrating feeder GZD1200*2000(A3) working strongly to feed material to the following conveyor which connects impact crusher PFW1315III(A4).

These two set impact crushers work as secondary stage crusher for medium-coarse processing, after these two impact crushers, there is already some qualified aggregate size <31.5 mm, after impact crusher A7 all material is transported to following screens S5X2760-2(A5).

After screening, aggregate 20-31.5 mm comes out to be one final product, 0-20 mm aggregate is transported to following screen S5X2460-2(A6), these two screens to the final separating work to produce other three kinds product 0-4.75 mm, 4.75-10 mm, 10-20 mm.

The bigger size aggregate >31.5 mm after screen A5 goes back to impact crusher A4 passing through conveyor, the impact crusher A4 does the recycling work to crush bigger size material down to 31.5 mm until all material pass through screen A5.

Other equipment as metal magnetic separator RCYD-10(A8) is also necessary and important for the crushing line, the magnetic separator A8 can take off steel bars from mixed material to protect following crushers.

Equipment List

  • Hopper:LC4x5M, GZD1200x2000*2
  • Vibrating Feeder:F5X1360
  • Jaw Crusher:PEW860
  • Impact Crusher:PFW1315III*2
  • Vibrating Screen:S5X1860-2, S5X2160-4, S5X2760-2
  • Iron Separator:RCYD-8


Iron Separator
It’s better to use iron separator to remove the iron in raw material, so that the crushers will not be damaged by iron.

Transit Stock Pile/Bin
The machines before and after the transit stock pile/bin can work independently.

1) It could make sure the materials are fed into the secondary impact crusher evenly and continuously without being influenced by the working hours and production of jaw crusher.

2) In addition, when the impact crusher and screen are stopped for maintenance, the jaw crusher could keep working and store the discharged materials in the stock pile/bin.

Belt Conveyor for Scrap
To get clean products, we use grizzly feeder to remove the dust and other fine waste, which are called “scrap”. Then it’s necessary to add a belt conveyor to transport the scrap coming out through the gaps of feeder’s grizzly bars.

Steel Structure
Easier and faster installation, easier changing of working sites.

Selection of Crusher
Usually max input size, output sizes, capacity are the main factors to choose the right crushers.

Selection of Vibrating Screen
The bigger effective screening area there is, the better sieving performance will be.

Belt Conveyors for Final Products
Mostly, the max inclined angle of a belt conveyor is 17 degree, so it’s important to adopt long-enough belt conveyors for final products to guarantee enough space for stocking of products.

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